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Sac Stash Bag - SUSAN BIJL

Sac Stash Bag - SUSAN BIJL

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Un ÉNORME coup de coeur pour ces sacs de courses vibrants, robustes, colorés, unisexes et versatiles par la marque hollandaise Susan Bijl. En primeur à Montréal, une joyeuse découverte pour le Palais Bulles !

Perfect for stacking your stuff; this bag will more likely stay upright because of its sturdier back. The New Stash Bag medium is like an older cousin to The New Shopping Bag large. They’re definitely family and on good terms, but very much different.

The bag is ‘sand proof’ because of its zipper, has an inner pocket which you can close to keep your valuables safe and is great to carry over your shoulder or in your hand due to two strap sizes.

Made from high-quality Bluesign® certified and 100% recycled fabrics.

The New Stash Bag carries > 20kg.

Size: 30 x 49 x 18 cm / 11.8 x 19.3 x 7 inch / 26 L
Short strap: 34 cm
Long strap: 70 cm

All SUSAN BIJL bags are machine washable. Please read the care label before cleaning.

This product is part of the Playground collection; a joyful reminder to free some time and continue to PLAY! We salute the grounds on which one plays: indoors or outside, from sunrise to dusk, anywhere and any time you want!

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