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Rôtissoire en acier émaillé - Crow Canyon Home

Rôtissoire en acier émaillé - Crow Canyon Home

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Grande rôtissoire ovale blanche tachetée bleue avec un petit look rétro pour vos grandes tablées, ou même vos souper de camping. Convient au lave-vaisselle, facile à nettoyer.

Our enamelware Large Covered Oval Roaster is ideal when preparing large meals for any type of gathering. The abundant size allows for evenly distributed heat which creates more delectable flavors. Featured in our iconic Splatter design this roaster is easy to clean and dishwasher safe providing all of the decadence without the labor.

  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Ok to use on oven, grill, stovetop, campfire
  • Do not use in microwave
  • Don’t use abrasive cleansers or hard water stain removers on the surface


14 in x 10 in x 6 in


Porcelain enamel on steel base


Crow Canyon Home

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