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Rideau de douche Sun Shower Night Ride - Quiet Town

Rideau de douche Sun Shower Night Ride - Quiet Town

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Vous nous les avez suggérés pour la boutique, ils sont arrivés ! Les rideaux de douche Quiet Town colorés et d'une transparence cristalline.

Ils sont fabriqués en acétate de vinyle, sécuritaire et sans émanations. Ils sont epais pour bien tomber avec de jolis petits details comme les coins arrondis et les oeillets en laiton.

Pour entretenir la transparence, vaporiser les residus de savons avec un nettoyant doux.


Introducing our Sun Shower curtains! Safe, non-chlorinated (zero off-gassing) EVA with the juiciest color and crystal clear transparency.

 You'll know it's a Quiet Town curtain by its luxuriously heavy weight and our embossed QT logo. We applied the same thoughtful details to our Sun Shower collection as we did to our canvas curtains: nickel-finished grommets (made from 100% brass) & rounded corners so the Sun Showers can be used alone or as a liner with our canvas curtains. 

Added Bonus: Our Sun Shower curtains are made from a heavy, 12 gauge EVA so it won't "stick" to you in the shower.

Color may appear more or less saturated depending on drape and light in your space.

At the first sign of soapy residue, wipe clean with a gentle spray cleaner. 

Extreme Heat (temperatures over 120˚F) will melt the E.V.A. 

DIMENSIONS: 72" x 72"

WEIGHT: 2.2lbs


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