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Metallica Fusion Paint 250mL

Metallica Fusion Paint 250mL

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Fusion Painting Metallica Gives character To your furniture!

Gone are the days when oil-based metal paints smackered strong and took 8 hours to dry!

Metallic Fusion Paint Presents All the advantages From the rest of the range (thunder adhesion, exceptional covering, smooth finish, healthy smell, and quick drying) but with the added brilliance of the real MICA !!


Mini efforts, maxi pleasure

1.Non-toxic and VOC-free
2. Little or no preparation
3. Superior adhesion
4. Extraordinary coverage
5. Self-level for professional result
6. Integrated finish (optional varnish, oil or wax)
7. Adheres has ALL with Agent membership In underlayer (melamine, plastic, glass, email)
8. Indoor and outdoor application
9. Will never be chunkable
10. Available in 250 ml format (no losses!)
11. Fast drying and very covering


Quantity: 250 ml

Washable with soapy water. You can also try Fusion painting at home or during a workshop" Bring your furniture At the Le Palais Bulles boutique, a must-see place for furniture retasping in Montreal.

To find out how to do it, download the handy sheet "painting a piece of furniture with fusion paint"

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