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Parasol Holiday Bleu Santorini - Business & Pleasure

Parasol Holiday Bleu Santorini - Business & Pleasure

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La marque Australienne Business & Pleasure présente ses parasols de haute qualité au look adorablement rétro.

Vous pouvez les apporter à la plage ou créer un coin ombragé pour vos balcons ou voir arrière en le fixant dans un pied standard ordinaire ou une table avec trou central.

Les parasols sont en bois recyclé et en aluminium de grade marin pour allier robustesse et légèreté. Ils se rangent et se transportent facilement dans le petit sac assorti au parasol. 

dimensions ouverts :

Holiday : hauteur de 6 pieds, diamètre de 5.5 pieds 



  • Reclaimed timber laminated wood pole.
  • Marine grade hand polished aluminium hinge and handle.
  • UV- and water-resistant canopy with fibreglass ribs.
  • 98% Block out & UPF 50+.
  • Canopy is trimmed with natural cotton fringe.
  • Comes with matching canvas carrier bag.


    • Always store indoors, inside the carry case in a dry area when not in use to preserve its beauty.
    • Avoid use of chemicals, spot clean with a mild, soapy water.
    • If the item gets wet, allow to air dry completely before storing away. 
    • Keep free from any water, chlorine or salt residue. 


    What is the difference between Premium & Holiday Umbrellas?

    The Premium umbrella has a span of 6 feet and a height of 7 feet. The Holiday umbrella has a span of 5.5 feet and a height of 6 feet. The holiday umbrella is made of lighter weight materials than the premium umbrella. 

    Can I use this umbrella for my patio/cafe/garden, etc?

    Yes, you can. However, they are designed for the beach with temporary exposure to sun & elements. Although they will last a good while setup permanently outside, we advise that you treat your umbrella with care, bring inside when not in use and store inside the carry bag.

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