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Crackle Crackle texture - Fusion medium

Crackle Crackle texture - Fusion medium

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Crackled texture-Flaky Effect-FUSION

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Get a gorgeous look of age and cracked paint using FUSION's CRACKLED TEXTURE. Apply a thin layer of base, let it dry, then paint over it. The cracked texture is made of the same high quality ingredients as the FUSION mineral painting And will stick to almost everything. To get bigger, thick cracks, apply a thick layer of the CRACKLED TEXTURE.

  • No toxic;
  • Does not release VOCs;
  • Easy to use;
  • Exceptional coverage;
  • Finition mate;
  • An easy way to get a rustic and old look;
  • Does not need to be repainted;
  • Do not need a finishing layer.

*** Finish can be recommended if you apply it to a stressed surface. A layer of finish like the PROTUTER SEALLER , The oil PRONTO Or the MULTI-PROTECT Can be used.

*** CRACKLED TEXTURE is not a finishing product. It dries white. It must be covered with a layer of paint.

Application :

Stir before use. Apply on a horizontal surface for best results. Apply a uniform layer with a Brush . This product is self-welting. A thick layer application will create larger cracks. A thin-layer application will create smaller cracks. Do not MIX PAINTURE with this product, otherwise no cracking will occur.

Drsing time:

6-12 hours.

Teasing time:

21 days.

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