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Conversation game FOR OR COUNTER? -Minus Editions

Conversation game FOR OR COUNTER? -Minus Editions

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For or against a world without money? French fries every day? Or immortality? Um, not so easy to choose!

Here is a game to have fun debating indefinitely and discover that often nothing is all white or all black! Ready for super-serious or a little-out discussions? On the program: debates and fools guaranteed to make the moments sparkling together.

Formats: 10x15x1 cm

Content : 25 cards = 50 debates

Age: From 6 years

Minus is a whole collection of games to share, to create moments of family exchange, develop your imagination and stimulate your creativity!

FOR OR COUNTER Is a game printed with vegetable inks by a printer certified and conditioned by disabled workers, all close to Lille in France.

Minus Editions images books and games that create links between children and their parents.

  • Debates and fools guaranteed with family or friends
  • To debate with humor serious or far-held subjects
  • A nomadic format to be untrained at the slightest opportunity
  • 25 cards to occupy for 5 minutes or hours!
  • From 6 years old

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