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Maps-MM Workshop

Maps-MM Workshop

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. 4 ''x 6'' and 7 ''X 5'' format greeting cards
. Printed in Montreal with our local partner Imprime Emploi
. Virgin interior
. Recycled thick cardboard
. White Envelopes

Marine Maugeais created 'Atelier MM' in 2021 with the objective of sharing her creations, illustrations and personal projects. A designer by training, creative out of passion, she participates every day in rethinking the interiors of the clients for whom she works. Marine has lived in Montreal, Canada, for 4 years. She spends all her free time drawing mostly female, colorful, flowering and tenderly optimistic characters on her iPad, with the lyrics to her favorite song in mind: "Olalala la vie en rose." She also likes to explore Quebec nature on foot and by bike, observe wild animals, and spend time in Montreal cafes.

Each illustration is a unique creation printed in Montreal on recycled paper thanks to a local partner, Imprime Emploi, a responsible company and actor in reintegration through employment.

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