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Jeu Inside Me - Londji

Jeu Inside Me - Londji

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Un jeu de société imaginé et fabriqué à Barcelone par Londji.

Apprenez (ou reviser !) 96 parties du corps humain en vous amusant. Le but du jeu est de collectionner le plus de jetons possible, et on gagne des jetons en les classant dans la bonne categorie (os, muscles, organes...) puis en le nommant correctement.

A game to discover your inner beauty and learn the neinty six parts of the human body in an easy and fun way!

First we will separate the four body part cards and the four circle cards. In the cotton bag, that is included in the game, we mix the rest of the chips together. The rules of the game are very simple: a player takes a token out of the bag and gives it to their partner.

The player must then look for the number on the chip, work out which card it belongs to (bones, muscles or organs) and correctly name the specific body part. If named correctly they will win that token. If nobody knows the answer, you can check the back of the card and memorise it! The card will then be kept face down on the table next to the family it belongs to (bones, muscles or organs).

Before the end of their turn, the player can attempt to win back any of the pieces they previously got incorrect. If correctly memorised, the player wins the chip! The game is made in six languages: Spanish, French, English, Italian, German and Catalan. The game is designed to let you play in multiple ways. For example, playing with the chip answers face up and placing them in the correct spot.

A didactic game to help learn the name and position of the muscles, bones and main organs of the human body. A game designed and manufactured in Barcelona.

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