Backgammon - Ridley's Game Room

Un jeu millénaire, mettant en oeuvre chance & stratégie, le tout dans une boîte qui en en fait un objet déco en soi. 

1 planche de jeu, 15 pions verts, 15 pions ivoire, 4 dés et un cube numéroté.

13.75" H x 15.75" W x 1.75" L

Beware the battle between luck and skill in this classic Backgammon set, featuring dynamic colors and geometric patterns from Games Room. As the two sides meet, keep your wits sharp in this 5000 year old game. Prepare for the unexpected as you gamble against the tumble of the dice! Includes 1 folded game board, 15 green checkers, 15 cream checkers, 1 doubling cube and 4 dice. Full instructions included.